Moth balls for bed bugs

In my profession as a pest control exterminator, I happen to visit a lot of homes and witness a variety of remedies that people do to get rid of pests before reaching out to a pest control company for a solid solution. Some of these DIY remedies are proven and really work, while a lot of them are just myths. These myths, rather than solving the problem, waste precious time and increase the pest problem.

I came across several homes in which the residents had spread moth balls around their beds and clothing to get rid of bed bugs. Also, a few of my friends have asked me if moth balls can kill bed bugs? So, I decided to bust this myth with an in-depth explanation.

No, moth balls or naphthalene balls do not kill bed bugs. Spreading moth balls around the bed, below the mattress or in your clothing in closets will not help you get rid of bed bugs. Also, Moth balls do not repel bed bugs in any manner.

What are bedbugs?
Bed bugs are small reddish-brown insects about the size and shape of an apple seed. These bugs feed on human blood. Bedbugs are reddish-brown in colour, about 1 to 5mm in size and have a flat circular body with horizontal groves on their backs.

Pest Control for bed bugs

What are moth balls?

Mothballs, moth flakes, crystals, and bars are insecticides. They come in a solid form that slowly gives off a toxic gas that kills clothes moths and other insects.

How do moth balls work?

Mothballs contain very high concentrations of the chemical naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene as active ingredients. They are meant to be used in closed, airtight containers so that the fumes they produce are trapped. The trapped fumes build up and kill any clothes moths inside.

Why do moth balls don’t work for bed bugs?

For moth balls to work as an insecticide, the fumes released by moth balls should be restricted in a small space like an enclosed box for a long time to kill any bugs in the range of the fumes.

Bed bugs primarily harbor in cracks, crevices and fabrics of bed rooms and living rooms. It is not possible to achieve the required concentration of fumes to kill bed bugs in a normal sized room, unless you are using several kilograms of these naphthalene balls, which can be extremely dangerous.

What are the hazards due to moth balls?

Mothballs can be dangerous if they are chewed or eaten. Children, pets and wildlife may mistake them for food or candy and eat them. One mothball can cause serious harm if eaten by a small child.

They are not intended to be used outdoors as the ingredients can contaminate plants or soil, harm wildlife, contaminate water supplies and contribute to air pollution.

What are the solutions to get rid of bed bugs?

You can follow our “10 detailed steps to get rid of Bed bugs permanently” or call us on 437-985-5552 for our trusted, guaranteed and professional pest control service.