Dealing with a bed bug infestation is one of the most stressful and traumatic pest problems anyone can face. Bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to chemical pesticides, making them harder to eliminate.

Exterminators often need to apply multiple chemical treatments, using different pesticides each time. Residents must undergo extensive preparations before each service and stay away from home for several hours. This process is time-consuming, expensive, and causes significant physical and mental strain.

Research at Penn State University’s Department of Entomology discovered promising characteristics of Beauveria bassiana, a naturally occurring fungal spore, as a potential pesticide for bed bugs. Further studies led to its formulation and registration as a biopesticide in October 2017 under the name Aprehend®.

How It Works

When a bed bug comes into contact with an Aprehend®-treated surface, the fungal spores adhere to its feet and body and are carried back to its harborage. The spores transfer easily between bed bugs through direct contact, targeting those that remain hidden.

Within 24 hours, the spores on the bed bug germinate and penetrate its cuticle. The fungal disease then grows in the blood system, killing the bed bug within 3-7 days.

Rather than finding and eliminating each bed bug, we make bed bugs do our job.

Here are 6 reasons to choose Aprehend biological pest control to eliminate bed bugs from your home and business:

1. Contains No Harmful Chemicals or Odors

Aprehend biopesticide contains no harmful chemicals. It is a unique formulation that includes a special combination of oils and Beauveria conidia spores, with no unpleasant odors like other chemical pesticides on the market.

2. Bed bugs do not develop immunity against Aprehend

Research says “Since Aprehend is based on a natural fungal disease of insects, even bed bugs with modified metabolic pathways have no cross-resistance to fungal diseases”. In simple language bed bugs have shown an inability to develop immunity towards the fungal species used in Aprehend.

While bed bugs have developed resistance towards most pesticides, you can rest assured that Aprehend is the most reliable remedy with a 99% success rate.

3. Rapid Results and 3-Month Residual Effect

Aprehend is sprayed in 2-inch-wide barriers in areas where bed bugs are likely to walk when they come out for a blood meal. When they cross an Aprehend barrier, the spores attach to their legs, and the bugs carry them back to their harborage. The fungal spores then germinate, penetrating their exoskeletons and eliminating the infestation. This barrier remains effective for about three months, continuously eliminating bed bugs that crawl over it.

4. Safe for Humans and Pets

Beauveria bassiana is a common fungus found in the environment, especially in soils in the US and worldwide. Humans are regularly exposed to low levels of fungal spores, including Beauveria, daily.

The commercial product Botanigard®, which also contains Beauveria spores, has been used to control pests in vegetable products for the past 20 years. Products sprayed with Botanigard® (Beauveria GHA) can be harvested and sent to stores the same day. Your tomatoes may have been sprayed with Beauveria spores before harvesting, especially if they are organic. Due to its long-standing and widespread use, Beauveria has an excellent safety record.

Aprehend’s unique formulation contains no harmful chemicals. It is federally and provincially approved after rigorous testing and is safe for use in all homes.

5. Minimal Preparation and Short Away Time

Receiving an Aprehend treatment for bed bugs requires minimal preparation. Unlike traditional treatments, you don’t need to pack all fabrics and clothing in your home into garbage bags or be away for 6 to 8 hours. Simple preparations, such as washing used clothes and bed linens, are sufficient.

6. Costs Much Less Than a Heat Treatment

Aprehend treatment is much cheaper and more affordable than heat treatment because it doesn’t require heavy equipment, transportation, or intensive labor. While one treatment is often sufficient, Aprehend can be easily reapplied as needed until the entire infestation is eliminated.

Get Your Normal Life Back

Imagine sliding into bed without worrying about bed bugs disturbing your sleep. Each night’s rest is deep and restorative. You wake up to clean sheets and face the day with energy and excitement. You feel at peace knowing your family and pets are safe and healthy.

Professional Aprehend Bedbug Elimination Company in Toronto

Only a few professional pest control companies in Toronto have swiftly adopted the latest technology of bed bug extermination using Aprehend. These companies have the necessary equipment and well-trained staff to provide effective treatment. You can contact Relief Pest Control for a free and instant quote by speaking directly with the owner of the company.